Course: A Virtual Retreat to Sicily

Course: A Virtual Retreat to Sicily

Special Note: Upon Your Purchase, READ the READ ME FIRST file before you begin watching. It contains all you need to understand how to get the most out of your course.

What's Included:
For a third of the cost of a group workshop, A Virtual Retreat to Sicily, Coursework Package, contains everything you need to learn to identify different types of light in the landscape with over 4.5 hours of video.
Through this course, three totally different painting processes are demonstrated to teach you how to make the most clear visual statement.
Using the videos and additional pdf files provided, you will be guided through a complete course.
Here is what you will learn:
Painting Light and Shadow, and not getting too dark.
Composing and Simplifying the Scene
Tips for Value and Color
Painting Backlight, ah... that's where the color is!
Connecting Shapes
Painting a Nocturne, and advice for how to do it en plein air.

Reference photos from Sicily that are used in the demonstrations, as well as additional photos to extend your practice are also included.

Total video(s) running time: 4.5 hours

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Course: A Virtual Retreat to Sicily