Intro to Oils Workshop

Intro to Oils Workshop

Level: For beginners or anyone wanting to revisit the basics.

This is from one of Lori Putnam's live workshops. Learn the basics of oil painting. Using your own set-up, follow along as Lori introduces you to supplies, paint application, and terminology.

Our special guest for this workshop was Michael Shane Neal. Shane spoke about his humble beginnings, answered questions, and shared a very special palette used by John Singer Sargent, passed down to Shane from Everette Raymond Kinstler.

Includes 8 additional downloadable files:
Intro to Oils Supply list
Intro to Oils Supplement Information
How to Set Up
How to Lay Out Your Palette
Value Scale
Traditional Color Wheel
Color as Value
Color Palette as Complements

Set up and paint in oil today!

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Intro to Oils Workshop